How to Get the Maximum Benefit from Invisalign

Invisalign is a great option when it comes to achieving a straighter smile and compared to other options, this is more discreet which will allow you to wear it without worrying about it being immediately noticed.

The best thing you can do to maximise the benefits of Invisalign is to commit to wearing the aligners consistently. You should be wearing this for about 20 hours to 22 hours per day. While this is a removable clear aligner, this doesn’t mean you can achieve the expected results by wearing it for a few hours a day only. When you wear the aligners consistently, it allows them to exert the right pressure in guiding your teeth to the correct position. You need to develop and maintain the habit of wearing the aligners consistently so that you are able to achieve the expected results within the timeline. There will be a treatment plan set for you by the dentist. The treatment process for each individual can be unique as a result of their oral health concerns. The aligners will be custom made for each stage of the process and you need to stick to this treatment plan diligently in order to ensure effectiveness of treatment.

There is a recommended duration

To wear each set of aligners and once you have achieved the results of one set, you can progress to the next. If you deviate from this schedule, the treatment may not be as effective. So you need to trust the process and follow the advice given by your dentist. Good oral hygiene is extremely important for the success of Invisalign. You have to insert the aligners to clean teeth. If you don’t clean teeth before inserting the aligners, there will be a build-up of bacteria and plaque. This will lead to the development of cavities and a whole host of other dental issues. You need to therefore brush and floss your teeth regularly. You can also use antimicrobial mouthwash after meals or brush. By ensuring your teeth are clean, a smooth orthodontic experience can be achieved. The benefit of Invisalign is that they are removable. This allows you to enjoy a diverse diet without worrying about the aligners.

You don’t need to restrict your diet as a result.

For example, when you have metal braces, this can affect your diet as you have to avoid certain food. It can also be uncomfortable as there can be food particles getting stuck in the braces so you will need to clean them every time. But you will be able to eat your favourite food without being limited and this will help you maintain a balanced diet. Make sure to stay hydrated as this will help flush out any food particles in your teeth along with acids and bacteria. You will also be able to maintain optimal production of saliva as a result of this so that natural cleansing of the mouth can be achieved. Also, your overall health will be improved with hydration.