7 Tips to Plan a Holiday on a Budget

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars if you’re planning a vacation abroad. The best things to do to help you save are discussed below. Read ahead.

Budget Carrier

Will you be traveling to a country abroad? Be mindful of the airline you’ll be using. More budget options have flights that are cheap. If you travel a lot, and are a member of the airline, you might have accumulated miles that you can use for a free trip.

Instead of flying, you may be able to drive to where you need to be. The journey would take longer, but you could take friends or family with you. It could be fun.

The location you’ll be flying to would affect how much you’d have to pay too. It’d be cheaper to get a flight to a location closer to you than one very far away.

Travel Destination

Not only would flights to some countries be more expensive, but the price of things in the country may be a lot. Certain towns and cities are expensive as their main demographic is rich tourists. Go through travel sites to see what others have said about the cost of food, accommodation and traveling in the location you’re interested in.


Let’s talk about flights again. It might be cheaper to fly on certain dates than others. The cheapest time to fly would during off-seasons. Also, booking accommodation would be cheaper during these periods.                 


Lodging would eat a chunk out of your budget. Instead of staying at a fancy hotel or bungalow, stay in a hostel. Looking online would help you find a hostel that offers superb service.

If you want to stay in a hotel, how many stars it has would affect how much rooms would be. The reputation behind its name would also affect its price.

The type of location you’ll be staying at would influence prices too. Accommodation in Echuca Moama, which is away from the city, would be less expensive than staying in the middle of a large town.

Cook Your Own Food

Having meals out would be pricey. It would be better to cook your own food than eat from restaurants and cafes.

Mode of Travel

Don’t hire a vehicle to traverse the country. Use public transport instead. If you’re going to be traveling with a group, the cost spent on traveling would be much less.

Get Work

Depending on where you’ll be visiting, you might be able to do casual work when you land. There are dozens of employment opportunities tourists can do. This includes teaching English, being a waiter, scuba instructing, being a barista or doing promotional work.

Let’s wrap everything up. There are many ways you can save when traveling. Probably the smartest thing to do would be to avoid locations that are expensive. Not only would the flights there be pricey, but the costs of goods and accommodation may be expensive in the region too. You can also save by flying with budget airlines, or driving to where you need to be.

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